150 years of Waagner-Biro company history are also a piece of Austrian history: From an Austrian ironmongers to a modern engineering company with a global reputation
1854 On the 16th October 1854, Rudolph Philipp Waagner received the "Iron trade authorisation" from the magistrate of the city of Vienna – the founding date of Waagner-Biro. In the same year, the fitter's companies "Anton Biró" and "Albert Milde & Co." merge
1905 Fusion into "Aktien-Gesellschaft  R. Ph. Waagner – L. und J. Biró & A. Kurz"
1906 Stage engineering furnished to the Viennese state opera
1924 Establishment of the current company name "Waagner-Biro"
1910-1932 Numerous important bridges built in Vienna: Schweden Bridge, Floridsdorf Bridge, Frieden Bridge, Augarten Bridge, etc.
1946 Reconstruction of the roof construction at the Viennese state opera
1948 New roof framework for the Stephansdom
1954 Reconstruction of the Viennese Burgtheater
1960 Stage engineering systems for the Sydney Opera
1962 Europa Bridge, Innsbruck
1964 North Bridge over the Danube in Vienna
1969 Roofing of the Olympia sports facilities in Munich
1974 Work on the AKH Vienna and the UNIDO conference centre
1979 Danube Bridge Wien-Floridsdorf
1980 Danube Bridge, Brigittenau
1982 Formation of a Foreign Branch Office in Dubai
1985 Roofing of the Vienna Prater stadium
1987 Delivery of 91 road bridges for Indonesia
1989 Another 91 modular bridges for Indonesia
Stage engineering equipment for the Teatro Real, Madrid
1990 Separation into energy and environmental engineering (Graz) and steel and mechanical engineering (Vienna)
1991 European Steel Design Award for the refurbishment of the Palmenhaus in Schönbrunn
1995 Energy and environmental engineering area sold to VA-Tech
1998 Formation of Waagner Biro Bin Butti L.L.C. in Abu Dhabi
1999 Reduction from 16 segments to 5 business areas
1999   Foundation of WB Holding and subsidiary AG's
1999 European Steel Design Award for the Reichstag's dome in Berlin
2000 Formation of Waagner-Biro Gulf L.L.C. in Dubai
2001 Foundation of Waagner Biro Ltd. in London
2002 Delivery of first panel bridges
2003 Foundation of Waagner Biro Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw
2003 Merger of stage engineering companies under the umbrella name Stage Systems
2003 European Steel Design Award for the roofing of the Queen Elizabeth II. Great Court in the British Museum, London
2004 150 years Waagner-Biro
2007   Formation of Waagner Biro Qatar W. L. L. in Doha

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